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more of what?

2016-07-09 19:46:02 by Flamingweeny

i should sleep more


2015-03-09 15:26:22 by Flamingweeny


I got this

2013-05-22 13:23:14 by Flamingweeny


2013-04-29 06:42:41 by Flamingweeny

Hate it that my lame NG submissions get more views than the tracks i putt allot of work in so i hope to generate some views by placing it on NG...peace!


2013-03-28 06:50:02 by Flamingweeny

I'm not sure if i will grade cause i use Cubase 7 already :(
But yeah Reason supports midi out...thats such a big plus but the downside...no VST support, only Rack Extentions

Can someone convince me? Or should i convince someone to get Cubase 7?


Pay what you want eh?

Then i will pay 5 euro's for an upgrade :D, that normally costs 149 euro's.

Don't ask me twice

Hip Hop producers unite!

2011-09-22 07:09:20 by Flamingweeny

Sup guys,

I am looking for beat producers who are working with Reason 5.0 (or 4.0)
I am currently working on a my final project for my graduation. It's a audio related project concerning a small audio studio in the central part of Leeuwarden.
I'm working on creating a big database of music and samples. This is database is then accessible by children and beginning 'rap' talent. Bear in mind that is database is for a youth center that has an audio studio included. There will be no profit made! (simply because they are not aloud)
These tracks will be later on accessible online. (site is under my construction, so the adres will be later notified)

If you wanna help me, post a message here or PM me.


Hip Hop producers unite!

And yes...Record 1.5 for reason in the pocket

2011-05-27 06:18:10 by Flamingweeny

Also a legal version...gonna make some new tunes with a workspace where i can finally put all my inspiration

YEAH got reason 5..LEGAL!!!

2010-09-26 15:31:24 by Flamingweeny

yeah got it legal...reason 5 is tha shit wanna know more ask me


2010-09-09 02:02:46 by Flamingweeny

i f*cking hate compressions...PLEASE!

in the name of all what's music...stop the compression

do you people even know what dynamics are?