2013-03-28 06:50:02 by Flamingweeny

I'm not sure if i will grade cause i use Cubase 7 already :(
But yeah Reason supports midi out...thats such a big plus but the VST support, only Rack Extentions

Can someone convince me? Or should i convince someone to get Cubase 7?



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2013-03-28 07:18:40

You could rewire reason to cubase and thus use both but i'm sure you already knew that.

Personally i couldn't care less for midi out since i don't own a ton of hardware synths or whatever.

I'm on the fence whether i'm desperate for those channel strip equalisers, i bought that re60 equaliser the day it popped up and it's got my needs covered but they do look great.

Bus grouping seems nifty but i can't say for sure if i'll even use that, who knows.

The only reason (har har) i'd splash on it is if performance is back to where it was around reason 6, i really miss being able to add a bajillion things in a track and never have to worry about whether or not the dsp would fly through the roof and grind things to halt while i'm in the zone.

Flamingweeny responds:

true on all your opinions/facts..i also see Reason more as a big VST that i use via Rewire...and if they came up with this a while back i would have bought it instant, cause i owned allot of hardware

you can also stick with 6,5 and add-on the RE eq's for visual yeah :P but i always use Cubase for my mixing and mastering cause some crazy good plug-ins aren't there for iZotope or more softtube products

i'm just wondering what the upgrade will cost (probably 150 eu)...i can buy a Balance and get the free grade with it...only if i didn't have an interface already :( (focusrite saffire 24 DSP), balance can't really compete

but if the midi out from Reason can use Cubase (vst) devices??????? DAMN!!! I WILL GRADE INSTANT